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Accessibility Statement

We have undertaken to use our knowledge and understanding of the ways in which different people access the Internet, to develop a website that is clear and simple for everybody to use within Government guidelines :

Junction Archers aims to ensure that this web site is available to all, and has endeavoured to make it compatible with all relevant standards.

If you have any problems using our website please contact us -

Font and Text Size

The content text of this website have a relative font size, that means that they can be resized according to your needs.
To edit the size of the text there are several keyboard and mouse shortcuts that can be used :

Ctrl and + = Zoom in.

Ctrl + Mousewheel Up = Zoom in.

Ctrl and - = Zoom out.

Ctrl + Mousewheel Down = Zoom out.

Ctrl + 0 – Default zoom level.

F11 – Full-screen mode.

You are also able to change the text size using your browser settings. On most internet browsers the zoom function is found in the top right corner of your screen, see example below :


Space, Page Down = Scroll down a frame.

Shift + Space, Page Up = Scroll up a frame.

Home = Top of page.

End = Bottom of page.

Middle Click = Scroll with the mouse. (Windows only)


Images and Logo's, where applicable have alternative text or a zoom function.

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